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Remembering stories about how you met someone.

I recently came across a blog called "Little Things" and instantly fell in love! She posts all these little things that we fail to recognize and appreciate in life. As I was reading through all of them, I came to find many things in life that I never really thought to think about.

With that being said, I came across this one and immediately thought story time for my blog! :P
The story I am going to link with this Little Things is how my boyfriend and I met.  

Back in July of 2010, Thursday, July 8 to be exact, my cousin Liz, Ashley, Diana and I decided we wanted to go to the "club" in Indian River, called "Brown Trout" for "College Night."  Neither of us have ever been there except me, but when I went, it was a restaurant.  Little did I know that it turns into a club/bar at night.  Anyways, we go to Onaway beforehand to 'pre-game' and get ready.  About 10:30 p.m. rolls around and we head to the club.  *A little FYI, this is no bumpin' club like your average ones, just think of someone's hunting camp, add a DJ, a dance floor, outside deck, and a Bar, pretty much a woodsy setting.* We get there by 11 o'clock and there really isn't that many people.  We kind of felt stupid just being there thinking maybe this really isn't that cool.  But we go out and dance anyways.  As time started going, it's almost midnight and BAM! There's a bunch of people at the door.  To say the least, we learned that the time to come is around midnight because that's when every one arrives.  We felt a little better once more and more people were coming.  The only down side of this club, is the dance floor, it's so small! But other than that, I would say it's a perfect little club for a Northern Michigan setting.  So as were dancing, everyone's drinking, having themselves a good ol' time.  Seeing people we know, going outside on the deck to cool off, etc.  Not to mention, I've had a few drinks of strangers spill on me but in all honestly, that was the least of my worries.  Well I'd have to say it's around maybe 12:30-1 a.m. and I'm on the floor dancing with Liz and Ashley and I just happened to looked across the dance floor and make contact with this guy.  All the sudden, he points at me in that "come hither" motion.  Why, I'll never know to this day, would I come to someone that I don't even know especially someone that thinks they can point to me and make me come to them.  Oh the things in life we question.  Anyways, I responded and walked towards him.  I mean afterall, I guess we are in a club and you do tend to just dance with random people.  So of course, we do what most people would naturally do and we start dancing.  Within seconds of dancing, we were looking at eachother in the eye and he has the guts to say, "You want to kiss me." And I immediately respond with, "Haha what?! No I don't." "Yes, you do, you have that look in your eyes," he says.  And bam! Next thing you know, here we are, two COMPLETE strangers, making out on the dance floor.  Don't even know each others names yet.  My cousin Liz, looks over at us, astonished by all of this, especially coming from her point of view, she says the dancing was quite..different, as he's picking me up from the floor, and as she would like to say, 'humping,' so it looks like and whatnot.  Gosh that's soo embarrassing to think about.  Finally we introduce names and by that time, Liz walks over and asks who he is and he tells her that he is Rick.  Her immediate reaction was, "That's my dad's name. Awkward," and walks away.  I wanted to go on the porch and I asked Rick if he would come with me and he said, "Only if you give me your number."  Geez! I thought, clearly he's someone who just says what he needs to and to the point.  "Whatever," I said.  So we went out on the porch and exchanged numbers.  "I'm going to text you at 11 a.m. tomorrow," Rick said to me.  Of course, me thinking, "HA! Yeah right, you're drunk, you won't remember this."  But he was set on that he is going to text me.  "Whatever," I thought, he texts, he text, he doesn't then he doesn't.  Then the song, "My Chick Bad" comes on, I believe that's what it was, and he says he wants to go back in and I told him not yet.  Liz was agreeing with him but Cliff (Liz's boyfriend at the time, now husband) and I were not.  Rick has the gulf to say, "I'm going to find another girl to dance with then!" And I, to my defense, said, "No you're not!" Talk about getting defensive already! What the heck! Well then we all go back in and of course, proceed back to dancing.  Not to mention that Rick spilled his beer a couple times down my back.  Then all the sudden he said he'll be right back because he has to go dance with this other girl which I'm thinking "umm okay?"  Then shortly after he came back and at one point, he was inviting me to go to the car with him and I was telling him I can't leave my friends plus we JUST met.  It wasn't long before one of his friends came and said they were getting ready to leave.  He reminded me that he was going to text me at 11 a.m. and I just thought, "Alright, let's see if this happens."  As the club was dying down, around 2 a.m., we decided to head back to Onaway to Liz and Cliff's apartment.  We decided to do a little bit more post-gaming as I would call it.  I wasn't checking my phone often but when I did around 4ish, I had a missed text already from Rick saying, "Why hello Brogan, how are you?" I remember responding with something along the lines of, "I'm good, how about you?" He didn't respond but I went to bed shortly after.  The next morning, we all wake up and Ashley, Diana, and I have to get heading back to Rogers City because Ashley needs to work.  Took awhile since Cliff accidentally grabbed my keys along with his on his way to work.  After a trip to Brewbakers and getting my keys, we were on our way home.  I can't exactly remember what time that was at, I want to say 10 a.m. maybe?  Anyways, when 11 a.m. came around, sure enough, I got a text from Rick.  I was completely shocked to see that he remembered and I remember responding to him something like, "You remembered, I didn't think you would." And he said something along the lines of, "Yeah, how could I forget?"  Well from that moment on, we started texting and whatnot.  I found out he was from Cheyboygan which is about 40 minutes from Rogers City.  From our little bit of texting so far, we made plans to hang out for the first time, sober as he said, the following Monday.  We've known each other for about 3ish almost 4 days now.  We both had somewhat in our minds that this wasn't going to be anything more than maybe a fling.  I mean, I was planning to move to Grand Ledge mid-August for college so I didn't really have any plans of starting a relationship yet with anyone for the fact that I didn't think anyone would want to work a distance one that is.  I told him all this right away too just so he knew.  After the first time hanging out, it was clear that maybe sometime in the near future we could be something.  I remember that first night we actually hung out, where I would say that "first" kiss is more acceptable than the one we had on the dance floor within minutes of meeting.  I started to notice how much happier I was instantly becoming.  We started hanging out a lot more and by the time August 15th came around, we decided to make it official.  It wasn't long after that, I moved.  I have never worked a long-distance relationship so this was very new to me and also him.  But here we are, almost to 8 months now :) Thanks to technology, we are able to make this work.  It's not as easy though but it's worth it.  We see each other as often as we can, he comes down, or I go up.  I'm VERY thankful for Skype.  One of the best inventions ever.  Helps with the times where we can't see each other in person for long periods of times.

Anyways, I would have never thought in a millllllion years that I'd find someone who would later happen to be someone that means soo much to me, in a club.  All I can say is, I don't care how lame that club is, I'm soo glad I went that night. :)

Ashley, Diana, Liz, & I the night I met Rick. (I still wonder to this day, why, out of all the girls at the club, he pointed at me, I looked like CRAP! I guess I'll just blame in on the alcohol but at the same time, not worry about it cause it brought us to where we are today)

Ricky & I at Brown Trout for the first time 'together.'

Pretty much this post is dedicated to my loverly boyfriend, Richard William <3
and to Little Things for getting the idea about writing the story from of her posts :)

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