Saturday, April 30, 2011

Remember the days?

With my big brothers: Easter 2011
Michael, Me, Richard & Andy
Remember the days when the whole family was home all the time.  When your big brothers or sisters were still in high school and college wasn't even in part take yet?  The last time I completely had my whole family living at home was when I was 8.  I'm 19 now.  And I don't quite live at home anymore as well.  I miss those days more than ever.  I'm the baby of the family and there are 7 years between my brother, Michael, the younger brother of the three, and me and 11 years between the oldest brother, Andy and I.  It's funny to see how far apart I am from them all but yet I'm pretty close with each one of them.  But when I look back to when I was younger, I was closest with Andy, maybe because I was always with him, mainly because, if he got in trouble and he wanted to go hang with friends, he always had to bring me along.  Richard and Michael on the other hand, I exchanged nothing but screams with them.  I damaged my vocal cords due to them teasing me ALL the time.  But that was a phase that soon faded away and now all we exchange are careless, fun arguments or laughter.  And of course, I always get dirt when I'm dating someone, seeing that I'm the baby sister and the big brothers always need approval.  But usually I don't care what they think, especially because it's me that's dating the person, not them, but they usually say, family knows best.  Anyways, Easter weekend was a great time with the family.  Sitting around the kitchen, late at night with everyone, laughing about anything and everything, put me at such ease.  Listening to my brother Andy argue his point on whatever the subject may have been, having my mom come in to tell us to quiet down because were getting too loud, my brother Richard letting me try a sip of his drink when my mom wouldn't be watching, just overall having some good sibling bonding time.  This doesn't happen often and when it does, I'm thankful for every moment I get with them.  Even with the little time we all get together, I have my moments where I get annoyed of them but I try to overlook them and think about how this moment will be gone soon and it will be awhile before it comes back.  
But when it come to something I miss a lot, it's how I used to spend my birthdays.  Every year, my brothers would be around during my birthday and we would always, as a family with a few friends as well, go bowling and get pizza and cake, whatnot.  One year when my brother Andy couldn't make it home due to college, he called me and put me on speaker so his whole Frat house could sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  Good thing I wasn't physically there, else they would have seen a little red-faced, embarrassed girl.  But in reality, that meant a lot to me.  Especially when it's 20+ year old guys, in a Frat, singing happy birthday, to a little 10 year old girl.  Little things like that made my birthdays better.  It's been a few years since I spent my birthday with my whole family and to be honest, my last few birthdays haven't even been that great.  Sometimes they just feel like another day in the year with no meaning.  Maybe it's cause I'm getting older?  Whatever it is, I don't know.  Sometimes, I feel like it's a drag when my birthday comes around though I try my best to just be happy about it.
 Enough about that.  Anyways, these three boys mean so much to me, I don't know what I'd do without them.   Growing up just wouldn't have been the same without them in my life.  Though they may not seem to be the first for me to run to if I have a problem of any sort, I know I can always depend on them for anything if I really need it.  We may not be like other families that go out and do events together or know everything about each other but we have a special bond that's hard to describe but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  I love these boys with all my heart, and I know I rarely ever tell them that, but I do.

Travel Through Time with photos <3
 Andy & I (March, 1992)
 Richard & I (March, 1992)
 Michael & I (March, 1992)

 Richard's Wedding (June 30, 2007)
 Always known for the 'muscles" ;)

 Andy getting sworn in (date noted)
 Michael & Andy

 Andy's Wedding, a 'normal' picture with us all, laughing and not paying attention :) (August 16, 2008)

 Supporting me at the Miss Rogers City Pageant (July 30, 2009)

 My Graduation party (May 23, 2010)
 The usual :) 
Noticed from this picture and my pageant picture, we are all in the same order and I'm always in the same spot for every picture as well.

 Graduation Day (June 6, 2010) missing Andy.

 Hanging out, random summer day 2010
Effects :)


  1. i love this because i can relate 100%. everything i read is exactly how i feel. i love big bros! hehe:)