Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

 (At my brother Andy's Wedding; August 2008)

This woman right here, is everything to me.  Like almost everyone else, we all say 'our' mom is the best, and to each his own, their mom probably is the best to them because that is THEIR mom.  But of course, in my eyes, my mother beats all the other moms out there and always will.  She has been there for me through everything.  She's watched me cry, struggle and comforted me in those times.  She made every attempt to make it to all my sporting events throughout my life, was a great supporter for my brothers and I, encouraged us to do what we wanted to make us happy.  I have shared many laughs with my mom and I wouldn't trade those moments for anything.  Unlike most, I consider myself a lucky one.  My mom was more than just a loving and caring person.  She was my couturier, throughout high school, she made my homecoming, prom, and pageant dresses, was and is still my hair stylist, if I didn't feel good, she was my doctor, or if we needed a sweet fix, she would make her yummy no-bakes.  

My mom is a sailor's wife, so she went through life raising four kids pretty much on her own while my father was out on the boats.  She did such a great job at it too.  Always being there for my brothers and I.  Not only was she just taking care of us, but she is always doing something for everyone else in the family.  Whether it's helping my uncle with his bills while he, as well as my dad, is on the boats too, organizing my grandparents (her parents) doctor appointments and sorting their medications for them, also watching out for my Grandma Brege, my dad's mom.  She even hosted just about every holiday for the family at our home for as long as I can remember.  That includes preparing the foods, etc.  But of course, those done with the help of her sisters as well.  Even if they were hosting, her hand is never nonexistent.  Mainly, whenever anyone needed a helping hand, she was always open to give one.  The best part about it, she never asked for anything in return.  She always gives and gives but never expects anything back.  Whenever someone needed ideas on how they should design their kitchen or if it came to picking out colors for their new bathroom, my mom was a go-to person for that.  Give her a cup of coffee and she'll sit you down and start drawing out a plan.  She loves doing hands-on projects.  Whenever I needed an idea for something for a class, we would go through whatever we had and make something out of the sources we have.  She may not be the world's smartest person but she tried her hardest to help us in every way possible and never gave up.  That's one thing I love most about her.

Without my mom, I don't know how I would have made it through this life.  I'm thankful everyday to be able to have a mom like I do.  My heart goes out dearly to those who never got the chances or those who did, but don't anymore because all I know is that, I could NOT ever imagine my life without her.  The love I have for my mother is a different kind of love.  It's indescribable but it's a special kind of love that only a mother and her child will ever experience and that lasts more than a lifetime.

Happy Mother's Day Yvonne Brege <3

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